Theopraxis: Introduction

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Resources, Theopraxis

Are you looking to grow in some knowledge about the bible? We’ve got you covered! The bible is a complex collection of writings that span multiple cultures across continents and centuries. If you’ve ever picked up a bible, flipped through it, and wondered “What’s it all about?” then you’re in a great place to start.

This 3-week study called is about the story of the bible, beginning with big-picture summary in week 1. Click the links below to go to each week’s teaching and don’t forget to download the pdf for each session!

Week 1 is a summary. Think of it as a high “fly over” the bible. What is it? How is it organized? What’s it about?
Week 2 deals with the first half of the bible (it’s well over half the bible, actually), the Old Testament. What are some themes in the Old Testament? How do we understand it today?
Week 3 addresses the New Testament and its impact upon the first century church.