Dr. Marty Rozelle

Position: Elder Board Chair

I have been a part of Chaparral since 2008. I love to ride horses, travel, volunteer, and spend time with my two dogs. Professionally, I develop and facilitate strategies to integrate public values into technical decisions by thoughtfully engaging stakeholders in complex projects that affect their jurisdictions and their lives. Examples include the siting of municipal landfills, dams and reservoirs, high and low-level nuclear waste repositories, highways, high voltage transmis­sion lines, power plants, and other energy-related projects. In Arizona, I do a lot of work with water resources including consensus on the best way to manage the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon or gaining agreement from 80 stakeholder entities on how to share and pay for the additional water needed by the State of Arizona to support the next 4 million people. I’m also a founder and past President of the International Association for Public Participation.