Chaparral Youth is dedicated to creating a fun & engaging environment for Jr. Highers and High Schoolers! Chaparral Youth is a place for students to learn, serve and build. In learning about Jesus they read about the God who loves them. In serving at Chaparral they are able to gain real world experience and be integrated into the larger community on campus. With building the students build both themselves up as people and build their own community. These are the aspects of why Chaparral Youth exists, We love God and we love others!

Check out our events below!


Chaparral Youth meets on Sunday morning at 11:15am-12:30pm. We want to build an awesome youth ministry at Chaparral and one of the best ways of doing this is to spend time together learning about Jesus! Come join us this week! 


Chaparral Youth is heading out of town July 26th-July 30th, to UCYC! This week long summer camp will be full of activities ranging from paint ball, to rock wall climbing to zip lining and outdoor games. There will be times of worship, food and many many memories made. If your student is interested please register your teen today! 


Summer Calendar

(Chaparral Youth Meets on Sunday at 11:30am at Andies Coffee)

8/22 – Brunch and Bible

8/29 – Brunch and Bible 


7/26 – 7/30 – Summer Camp