Gifts through assets


If you are still looking for ways to fulfill your financial commitment to give to
Chaparral Christian Church and reduce your personal income taxes, we may
have an opportunity for you.
The IRS has what we believe to be a Win/Win scenario if you have personal
assets (stock, bonds, mutual funds or real estate) that have appreciated in
It is possible for you to donate assets to Chaparral. By doing so, you will not
pay tax on any appreciation on the asset (Capital Gains Tax). You also will be
able to take a charitable tax deduction in the year of the donation for the full
value of the donated asset. This charitable deduction could potentially
reduce the amount of tax that you owe.
If you are considering donating appreciated assets to Chaparral, we
recommend you speak with your investment advisor and/or your CPA prior to
making any final decisions. They should also be able to assist you with the
process of transferring the assets. If you have general questions on how this
gifting strategy works, please feel free to contact
Click to reach out to KEITH BLAKEMAN AND DANA ERICKSON who
will each be more than willing to help answer whatever questions you may have.