Gifts through IRA


If you are the owner of an Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) you may
qualify for a tax-free distribution from your IRA. IRA owners who are age 72
or older, as well as those who have inherited IRA’s, must take a Required
Minimum Distribution (RMD) prior to the end of the year. Normally that RMD
is taxable as income to you.
You may choose to donate all or a portion of your Required Minimum
Distribution directly to Chaparral Christian Church prior to year-end. If you
choose to have your RMD be a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), you
will owe no income tax on that distribution. However, this distribution must be
sent directly to Chaparral Christian Church from the IRA Custodian (it cannot
come from your checking account…or from beneath the mattress). You can
start the tax-free donation process by simply calling the Investment Advisor
or Banker associated with your IRA and request a QCD from your IRA to
Chaparral Christian Church.
Click to reach out to CLICK HERE to reach out to Keith Blakeman and Dana Erickson who
will each be more than willing to help answer whatever questions you may have.