B.L.E.S.S. Series

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Resources, Sermon Series

We are blessed to be a blessing. That means we’re not here to get as much for ourselves, but to use what we have been given for the good of those around us. This series focuses in on how we can bless our friends & neighbors. It’s a simple acronym:

BEGIN with prayer
EAT together
SERVE others
SHARE your story

Check out this video for a quick overview and all the messages below.

Part 1: We are blessed, not only for our own good, but to go on and be a blessing to all those around us. Genesis 12:1-3

Part 2: Begin with prayer. Luke 6:12-16

Part 3: Listen. Luke 18:35-43

Part 4: Eat. Luke 9:12

Part 5: Serve. John 13:1-17

 Part 6: Share. Acts 26:1-22