There are many opportunities on and off campus to serve our community. Sign you, your family or your group up to serve below. Every hour served helps!


Chaparral is here for the good of our community and we are showing that throughout the coming weeks!


Help us be generous with our money: 100% of Be Rich donations goes to support our ministry partners. We ask all who participate to give 39.95!


As a group

Volunteering makes a difference. When you serve with a nonprofit, you help them accomplish more and communicate value and dignity to those they serve. Sign up your small group to serve one of our ministry partners around the valley! Join us throughout the weekends of October 15-23rd to serve our community!


As a family

We have many opportunities for families including your kiddos to serve together in this Be Rich Initiative. From making blankets to give to Arizona Reservation Ministries to filling Joy boxes for Foster Arizona.

Be rich:

to your neighbor

Can’t seem to make it past the mailbox? No worries! When we give and serve, we show God’s love. And loving neighbors in simple and intentional ways makes a difference. It matters because it lets people know they matter.

Tell us what you are doing!

Serving your neighbor, or with one of the ministry partners? LOVE IT!!!      As we work with Family Promise, Foster Arizona, House of Refuge, Arizona Reservation Ministries and City of Phoenix, we know we don’t hit all of it, BUT, We do want to celebrate with you, Click the button below and fill out a quick survey and let us know what you were doing to serve your community!